Left student notification

Hi there
I have four student who left our school before finishing term.
I changed status to left.

But their parent still getting emails.
How do i keep their data but make sure they do not get any notification from school?

Hi @calx There’s two approaches to this, one automatic, one manual:

  • If you setup the CLI script for userAdmin_statusCheckAndFix.php to run every day, Gibbon will automatically set parents to left if their children have all left, and will also update users to left/full based on their end date/start date, respectively: More info here: Command Line Tools :: Gibbon Docs

  • Otherwise, when setting a student to left, admissions/office staff should also set the parents’ status to left, as this will keep their data in Gibbon but prevent sending them emails or showing them as active anywhere in the system.

Hope this helps!