Learn PHP or python or ... ?

Hi admins !

Since we all seem to have to have time at our hands, I am wondering which Coding language I should learn which will help me maintain the site. I have been advised Python by many people, but will PhP be more helpful ?

Well… this is a Gibbon forum, and Gibbon is written in PHP, so we may be a little biased answering that question :wink:


This is something Sandra and I have discussed before. PHP gets a bad rep, as it is an older language, and a lot of people (such as myself) write out-of-date PHP. Newer languages, or others with smaller user bases, have less baggage, and so are seen as being “better”. However, PHP can be used to write modern code, as per the changes that Sandra has been introducing into Gibbon, and is in many ways a fantastic language.

That said, Python has many adherents, as has a more general background than PHP (which was web-first, even though it can be used in CLI too).

PHP is, as Sandra says, better for Gibbon, as it is what Gibbon is written in. That said, knowing a range of language allows you to engage in comparative learning, which is good.

PHP it is then ! :smiley: