Language - Sinhala

Hi Ross,

Could I ask your Team to add Sinhala as a Language?
It is the main(first) language in Sri Lanka.


Hi cmb,

The translations for Gibbon are a volunteer effort, would you or someone you know be interested in helping contribute a Sinhala translation? If so, that’d be greatly appreciated :smiley: we can set you up with access to POEditor, which is our online translation tool.


Hi Sandra,
No, not a translation I was asking.
but need to add on to the language file.
When the user created should be able to select that language.

Ah no problem, that’s easily done. I’ve added it to v17 (releasing Jan 20, 2019), but the change can be incorporated back into v16 if needed, just run the following line of sql code on your database:

INSERT IGNORE INTO gibbonLanguage (name) VALUES (‘Sinhala’);`


Thanks, Sandra !

Hi Sandra… I’d prefer to contribute to add the Sinhala translation to the Gibbon System. How it could be done.

Hi proman,

That’d be awesome, and much appreciated! :smiley: Feel free to send an email to with your name & preferred email address and we’ll set you up with a translator account for POEditor, our online translation tool.