Laboratory Records

Hello Members,

Is there a school recording laboratory records? if so kindly guide me on where and how…
Laboratory Records such as:

Chemicals: Ethanol, Hydrochloric Acid —> and the count volumes
Microscope : number of microscopes —> condition

  • Other Lab Records

I could see a library Module and miss the Laboratory Module.

Overall very interesting and great features in Gibbon.

Thank you all

Hi Tess, there is currently no Laboratory module, but in theory we could add a Chemical record type to the Library module, as it is designed to be used with a variety of different data types. You could take a look at the way it works, with its combination of general and type-specific fields, and then let us know what you think might go into a Chemical type, and what other types you think might be useful. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Ross,

Thank you so much again…
let me look at the library module in detail and see how I could fit that, incase of any questions I will come ask again…