Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Hello Gibbon-Team, Gibbon-Community,

I have more questions for you guys! :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there a clever way to implement Keyboard Shortcuts for faster navigation?

My goal:
We are currently using a scanner in our school liberay. So we are able to scan the Book IBAN and the Students ID.
Is there a way to open the right site or mark the right field with some specific shortcuts?

Is something like that possible and are there any ideas where to start? My best guess is some editing in Javascript.



There are no shortcuts currently AFAIK but it shouldn’t be difficult to implement those.

The fastest way to switch to a particular page is probably using the fast finder. Support for actions has been added rather recently, works nicely and enables to switch to another page more conveniently.

I’m also quite sure that the fast finder could be extended to support a barcode reader. This would enable you to simply read a specific student id and Gibbon then switches to the library module displaying the current lending record of that particular student.

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