issuing tc and bonafied certificates to students

Hello Ross

Is there any way /module through which we can give tc and/or bonafied certificates to student as and when required



I am not sure what tc and bonafied certificates are. Can you tell me more?



i’m not quite sure what he is intend to say but i believe
TC means, transcript ( student scored of each subject on final exam or in terminal exam which is measure by % for example science subject has 100 mask so student has to score 40 in order to pass that subject if the student score 39 that would consider fail ) Certificate means if the student want to Leave school so school need to issue Characters of student, for example

this is to certify that Mr/Miss … son /daughter of … Resident of … he/she has passed Grade five examination in day/month/year .
According to school record his/her registration No. … student ID No… his/her date of birth …, while he/she was in school his/her character was Good/Bad
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Date of issue …
principle Sign …

if i’m wrong please leave a comment below …