Issues with the dropdown menu

I changed some names in the drop down menus. Now if I hover on any of the maim menu ( e.g Admin) the drop down doesn’t remain open long enough for me to select a sub menu. I know I didn’t make any other changes so I’m wondering what could be wrong and how do I fix it?

Hi Steve,
Ross is away at the moment. If you can give me a clearer explanation of how you changed the menu names I might be able to help. Did you do it in the database? Which table did you alter?

Yes George, I did it in d database. Table is gibbonModules. Nothing else is broken just d rate at which d drop down disappears before I can scroll down and click on a sub menu item. Problem is the issue persists even if I changed the names back to what they used to be.

Hi Steve, I suspect the problem is you have changed the names of the category in gibbonModule to achieve new menu headers but have not changed category that the submenus belong to in gibbonAction. I have run a test on my own dev install and this seems to resolve the issue

Thanks for following up on this George. Not sure how your solution works, as gibbonAction categories have nothing to do with gibbonModule categories. Odd! Will look into this more if Steve needs.

Steve, did this resolve the problem for you? There is no known precedent for doing what you are trying, so I am not sure if it is even workable in the long term. Some updates might cause certain categories to revert. George and I discussed this previously as it came up at his school, but we decided to avoid it for now.

every one can help me …
i wanna to change some menu names for my lang arabic but i can’t
how i can find the file or name to edit menu name s

If you want to localise your installation, you could consider working on a translation of the system. This would be better than just editing the menus (which we highly discourage at the moment). To do this I would need to add Arabic as a language to the current development version of Gibbon. I would then create a PO file, and you could use some software (like to translate. If you are committed, and translate the whole system, we can include your language in the next official release of Gibbon. This is how we have managed to include Italian as a language option within the system. What do you think?

Steve, please note that as of 8.3 (to be released in a few months, but already committed to the dev code in GitHub), you can change the category of any module in Gibbon, thus rearranging the main menu in the way you wanted. If you don’t want to wait for 8.3 to roll, you can take the file /modules/System Admin/modules_manage.php and upload it to your 8.3 install: it is backwards compatible. You may get some issues down the line with upgrades, but I doubt it will be serious.