Issues as a Parent to login

Good Morning
As school is about to start im have issues as a prent to log in
I get this error, can someone help me out, i have run out of ideas

So as i log in i get this error, but as admin or teacher is ok.


Can anyone help…

Hello. Have you checked your PHP error logs? This ought to say what the problem is. If you can share the error message here, we can offer advise. Thanks! Ross.

Hi Ross.
Where can i find this error log?


Hi dgago, it depends on your server, as the logs are kept by your web server, not Gibbon. As an example, when using Ubuntu Linux, they are under /var/log/apache2/. You’d have to do a little web search for your specific browser. Ross.

Cool, no problem .


Hi Ross.
Here the log error

Can you help… Please i dont know what else to do…
When i click Parent i get 500 error


There are a wide range of errors. Many of them are to do with the Badges module, which does not seem to have been properly installed. I’d remove this, in order to help troubleshoot the issue.

Another type of issue is to do with some missing database tables, which may then lead to other errors:

[Mon Sep 02 21:41:06.825136 2019] [:error] [pid 15651:tid 140099140552448] [client] PHP Warning: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘jagiell3_gibbonschool.gibbonSetting’ doesn’t exist in /home/jagiell3/domains/ on line 198

This seems to suggest that something went wrong in your installation.

It might be best to reinstall from scratch, and test the parent login immediately after installation.



Thanks i’ll look into it