Issue with new Gibbon Installation

Dear Admin/Sandra,
Following notice is coming after fresh gibbon installation. Please Help me out How I fix it.

   Notice: compact(): Undefined variable: databasePort in C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\cms\\src\\Gibbon\\Core.php on line 196


Hi Ghulam Abbas,

I suspect this issue may be caused by using PHP 7.3, which is a very recent version released in the past month, and it includes a new notice for this function (which previously did not cause one).

Gibbon has currently only been tested up to PHP 7.2. Luckily I t’s just a notice and not a fatal error, for now you could silence error reporting for Notices on your system, or set your system Install Type to Production to hide all notices.

I’ll be sure to update this for v17.


I’ve committed the fix for this PHP notice to the v17 development branch, which you could apply to your install by making the same code change:

Let us know if you spot any other PHP notices. Thanks!