Issue with Free Learning Grouping


I’ve search for a resolution to this issue and I don’t see any.

We using the Free Learning module and some of our units require students to work in groups of various sizes and there are two issues affecting our ability to create units to seamlessly accomplish this.

  1. Grouping size is limited to “fives”, and I would like to create units with larger grouping sizes.

  2. Students get an error message “This form has not been correctly filled. Please scroll up and fix any errors indicated in red.” and are unable to enroll in the unit if there are less students in the grouping than what’s set for the unit. For example if the grouping size is set for 5 students and a classroom has 14 students, the students in the group of 4 will get the error message.

How can I increase the grouping sizes and also allow for enrollment of groups with less than the set grouping size?