Isolating permissions based on user roles and year/form group groupings,.

A school has preschool, elementary and secondary year groups all together. Permissions are based on roles.

Is there a way/strategy to segregate permissions between year/form groups so that administratively student info etc. is isolated by grouping students based on year group/form group?
For example, the secondary school principal (role) should just have access to the secondary year groups’ information.

Hi Tieku, unfortunately Gibbon was built without a way to model sections in such a multi-part school, and so the only way to do this is to have separate Gibbon installations for your separate sections. This has a variety of cons, such as the need to transfer students between installations when they complete one phase and more onto another.

Sorry to not have better news on this front : )


Hi Ross,

this is what I thought the answer would be but I was just holding out some hope there was an answer I hadn’t yet discovered.

Thanks again.


It’s always good to be hopeful : D