Is this kind of markbook possible?

The way early childhood achievement is managed in my school is by using “indicators”, so is it possible to create markbooks, internal assessment or others, based on this example?

Adolfo, you could use Rubrics (under Assess), which can be linked to Markbooks, to do some of this, but not in this form of presentation. Sorry! Ross.

Thanks Ross, I have been trying using rubrics, first limitation I see is the number of rows and columns, just 10:

In our case, we need 69 rows :s , is that possible?, if your answer is negative, I´m gonna inform directors to stop this part, thanks.

Well, that is a big rubric! You could use Inspect Element to override the limit on the number of rows, to enter 69 and see what happens. Not sure it will work as expected though! Ross.

I give up, by googling I found that “Inspect element” is when we are navigating the internet, then we right click on a webpage and choose the last option (Inspect) from the menu list, this window appears:

Now what should I do here?
Sounds strange for me because if I want to modified something on a website this must be done by using a website editor, not a browser (or navigator).

Inspect Element is a mixed blessing, as it means people can tinker with the local version of your website (of course they can’t change the version on your server). This lets you defeat all sorts of client-side controls (which is why we sanitize inputs in a range of ways on the server side.

For the row you have highlighted in blue, click on the downward facing triangle, and it will show all of the different rows in the dropdown menu. Change the value 10 (which should appear twice in the last row) to 69, and then close Inspect Element and submit the form.

I am recommending this approach only for testing purposes! If the rubric works with that many rows, we will provide the interface options to do it this way in v14.


Woooooooowwwww!!!, seems to be it is possible!!!, but I have to test the entire rubric.

Now, look at these screenshots:

Why the column headings are taken from the rubric?

So once I check the rubric, column headings are like this:

And I need them like this:

I GOT IT !!!, forget my last question :wink: , I did it by not choosing any Grade Scale when I create a new rubric. I suppose this is the way!!!

Now my result is like this:

Now what should I do to link the rubric with markbooks?

PS: Ross, I’m very surprised to know that with a simple Inspect Element trick, you can change the number of rows. Amazing :o !!!

Trying to solve my last question…link the rubric with markbooks…
Home > Markbook, and choose the class
I created a new column and I filled up with this info:

Is it ok?

If this is ok, I got the new column to fill it:

But this is not the way the rubric must be filled up. because teachers can´t see the row headings, so i need teachers to fill it by using this way:

Is this possible?'…or… let me know the alternative !!!

Adolfo, well done on all this problem solving. Rubric cells can be on or off (not containing multiple values). So, instead of 1st/2nd/3rd/4th period along the top, we would have different levels of attainment, that we then indicate attainment of by clicking on them:

The way it works over time is that you change the switch at the top right of the rubric from Current to Historic, and you can see all entries over time.

Hope this is close enough to what you are looking for.

Thanks Ross.
I still have problems, by following your instructions here is my rubric;

… and this is my scale:

Then, I created a markbook, to connect the rubric with a column:

Now, the column looks like this (note the 3 possible values based on the scale: S, P and T

If I click on the first “Mark Rubric” icon:

I have the rubric, once I click on some squares, they look in green:

But when I click on close nothing happens here:

So, what am I doing WRONG??? :s

Need you help Ross please !!! :s

Adolfo, filling out the rubric does not automatically lead to a grade being assigned in the Markbook, as these are two separate ways of giving feedback. You can use the rubric without giving a grade. The reason we kept them separate is that I did not feel it was educationally valid to try and create a grade (which is one dimensional) from a rubric (which is multi-dimensional), so it is left to teachers to do it by hand if they want to use both the grade and the rubric. Hope this makes sense. Ross.