Is there documentation explaning TimeTable and Planning

In fact I found that Time Table, Columns, Rows, Planner and matching and connecting these together is somehow complicated.
I am trying to figure out correct order of step series from creating Time Table until matching these with classes and may be subject and how Time Table and Planner are connected.

Any clear guidance would be appreciated.


Hi imvschule,

Here’s a link to the information that’s on the documentation:

If you have any specific questions, perhaps try searching the forums, as timetabling is a common question. Otherwise, feel free to ask here. Thanks!


Although our docs are not as broad as we’d like them to be, the following might help:


You are not wrong: Gibbon’s timetable is complicated, which is the cost of its flexibility. See how you get on with the docs, and then come back with specific questions if you have any.



Thanks for all, I will go for it.