Is there any Mobile app for Gibbon School Management System?


I just want to know is there any mobile app for Gibbon School Management System.

Warm regards,

Muhammad Awais

Hi Muhammad, in general our aim is to work on improving Gibbon’s responsiveness and developing it as a progressive web app, rather than creating standalone mobile apps. Our thinking is that, since the project team is small, creating and maintaining separate apps would take more time and resources away from the core development than we have to spare, and that mobile apps are always device-specific, whereas a well designed website/web app can work on any platform. There are lots of modern web design techniques that we are working towards that will help the web app be just as functional, if not more so, than a native mobile app.

Hope this helps! I’ve removed your duplicate post. Please be sure to avoid posting the same question multiple times, as this can slow down our ability to respond to questions, and make it harder for users to find answers when searching for them. Thanks!