Is there a way to MERGE users/students

When this year’s admission students were accepted/etc, they were accepted as “new students” so Jane Smith of LAST YEAR is different than Jane Smith of THIS YEAR. I’d like to fix it, but I don’t see a way to merge/repair users.

Hi Jason, there isn’t an automated tool to fix these cases, however I have contemplated making such a tool more than once, but have never quite had the time. The best way to correct these cases is to use the older of the two records, as this will have all the historical data, and enrol that user in the current year. Then, remove the duplicate user and/or family. To help fix this issue in the future, there is a tool when editing an application form, for admissions users to connect it to an existing family rather than a new one. Prompting existing users to login before they submit an application form can also help automatically connect these to help prevent duplicates. Hope this helps, wish I had a simpler answer!