Is there a way to map permissions to features available on screen?

How are you?

I’m trying to profile the different roles in the school.
As far as I understood this is directly related to the permissions assigned to each role.

I found that some permissions are quite straightforward, but some others are not.

Is it possible to have a mapping between permissions and functionalities (at the screen level)?
Maybe it already exists and I was unable to find it, or maybe it can be derived from the application code or the database.

I will really appreciate your thoughts and advice on this because so far, I’ve been doing it in a trial-and-error fashion, which is a bit exhausting because every time I change any permission I need to check one by one what fields, links, or menus were affected, to be sure I didn’t change something I didn’t want to change :smile:

Thank you very much !!

Hi Ricardo,

The permission names nearly all match the name of the page in Gibbon, as seen in the sidebar menus and the breadcrumb links. For example, the page School Admin > Manage Departments is controlled by the Manage Departments permission listed under the School Admin module.

The exception to this is when there are grouped actions, which show up with an underscore and an additional condition, such as _myClasses, _myChildren, _viewOnly, _editAll. These cases enable additional granularity in configuring permissions.

As the permissions map to the names of the pages, there isn’t an additional mapping or visual view of these, and creating this would potentially add an additional maintenance burden to the permissions system to keep such a mapping up to date.

Where there specific permissions you found more confusing that others? If you hover over them, we’ve tried to add a description for each one, and could certainly refine these descriptions as needed (however, keeping in mind the translation requirements for each new or changed string, we try to keep the descriptions succinct).

Hello Sandra,
Thank you very much for your answer!
Well, I think I can live with your explanation. As I said many of the permissions really are self-explanatory.
I do understand the maintenance issue you mention.

Probably the most confusing to me are the Admission ones, due to the fact that currently there are 2 admission systems coexisting, and that many of them don’t have the on-hover description yet.
I think that keeping in mind that there is a transition in the admission system will help me with these ones.