Is such report possible with Gibbon?

Is something like this possible to be generated as part of the report in Gibbon?
In here in secondary school it looks like it is a must:

I was watching your lectures on reports (on youtube), but it was to general.
I read also about rubrics, but as if it is only possible to generate columns and rows, but not as in the above example.

Am I right? Or I still can try to get there? Will it be possible?

Hello @Ngezi

Have you found a way to enter this information/data into Gibbon. If the answer is yes, you can generate a custom report for this using the Reports module.



I think the answer is Yes, after only several days with Gibbon I can see almost every type of information is easy to be put into it.

However with custom report cards… Not so sure.
E.g. How to merge cells in the report (vertically, like on the picture in my previous post)?

I am stuck at the template page of reports. There are no sections to add, and I have no idea how to add it. How to create new kind of sections?

I think it might be somehow connected with “manage assets”, because when i try to “scan asset directories” i got an error message.

To fix this, refer to this forum post:

I added this folder report, but it did not help.

After some searching I found reports/templates are in another/wrong folder. I moved them to uploads and is started working.

I think I would need more information on how to make it using the Reports module.

Hi @Ngezi The templates used by the Reports module are written in HTML with information inserted using a template language called Twig. With some basic HTML coding knowledge, it’s possible to begin modifying and creating your own templates. The Twig documentation is a good place to start: Documentation - Twig - The flexible, fast, and secure PHP template engine Also, duplicating the existing templates and modifying them also a good way to learn. Here’s a link to the Reports section of the Gibbon docs: Template Builder :: Gibbon Docs Hope this helps!