Is possible to create a class course with students of different roll groups?

Hello there!

In our school in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Spanish-speaking country) we have year groups (grade levels) like Forth Grade and roll groups (sections) like 4th Grade Section A or 4th Grade Section B depending on the quantity we have in a year group, we create sections. A student may be in Forth grade but he will belong to ONE certain sub-group or section.

Normally, we assign teachers to teach Math or Language to a certain Section. But in English, we are doing differently. We have created three groups of students Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. But they may belong to different sections… Question: In Gibbon could we create a Basic-level English class that contains SOME students of a section and SOME students of another section?

Will appreciate any information.

Hi Manuel,

Yes, Gibbon can do this by default, there’s no limitation on mixing students of different roll groups in the same class. You will see the class enrolment list is often sorted by roll group, but you can select and enrol any student in a class via Timetable Admin > Course Enrolment by Class.

Thank you Sandra!!!