Is Gibbon the right tool?

I am looking into using Gibbon for a use case that may not be the primary target. What we need:

  1. Open source solution. Funds are tight. Technical know-how (especially with Linux, etc.) is freely available. We are nerds.
  2. Our use case is grad school records and request management. We are not looking for an LMS (we already have an LMS - Moodle, which is working pretty well). We will manually provide student course and grade information. Further, there are some additional student records (doctoral committee), and privileges (such as international conference travel, etc.) that need to be kept track of.
  3. We need to define certain workflows - a) conference travel permissions, b) delaying qualifier exam deadlines, c) change of degree from MS to Ph. D., and vice versa, d) defining external examiners (will be done by the student’s advisor), etc.
  4. Some of the workflows need to be automatically approved based on information stored.

All authentication will be OAuth/LDAP based.

I realize that ticketing is not a part of Gibbon. I can look into Bestpractical’s RT for that purpose. However, for what remains, is Gibbon an overkill, especially since it appears to be designed for K-12.

Hello fellow nerds!

I think Gibbon could provide a base for what you are looking to do, but it does not currently support OAuth/LDAP. Assuming that you could create the code to do this bit, you could then design a custom module to provide the functionality that you are looking for.

Does that sound feasible, or too much work given available resources?