Is Clever integration currently possible?

Hello! Long time since I’ve posted here. I moved to a bigger school that isn’t using Gibbon. :frowning: And what we have been using is really bad at all the things Gibbon is great at (scheduling, not being generally terrible), though it’s pretty good at the things Gibbon is weaker at (report cards, transcripts).

Overall, we aren’t happy with our current solution, and are looking for alternatives. One organization I’ve been talking with is looking into whether they can host Gibbon and help build out some custom modules and features for us, and I’m excited at the possibility that we could be back soon!

However one thing I’m exploring for next year is Clever integration. I really like the idea of a central login and rostering solution, and they integrate with a bunch of services we care about (MAP, Newsela, etc). Plus the idea of pass cards rather than passwords for elementary is super appealing!

Is it possible to get Clever and Gibbon talking and living together happily?


Hi Ernest,

Nice to see you back here, and sorry to hear you are at a non-Gibbon school ; ) For the record, Gibbon’s new Reports module does a great (IMHO) job with report cards and transcripts, so there has been improvement on that front. We’ve got a lovely new theme coming in v22 as well.

At the moment Gibbon does not integrate with Clever, although it does look like an interesting possibility. I wonder if perhaps the organisation you mention might be interested in helping you to integrate Gibbon and Clever, which we’d be happy to then include in the core if you would share the solution.



Unfortunately things with them seem to have fizzled. In fact, I just emailed you about hosting. With that said, clever implementation would be cool, but isn’t that high of a priority I suppose. :slight_smile: