Invoice Number

Hello Everyone.
I’m trying to find a fix to the Invoice Numbers that populate the invoices, as when you start it already starts from 1. However, as the tax year hasn’t finished, I need gibbon to continue were i left off. So, does anyone know how to change the Invoice Number format. As I don’t see an option within the settings.

Any help will be very much appreciated


I’m not sure I’m getting you right.

In our setup each invoice number is unique and is equal to gibbonFinanceInvoiceID in table gibbonFinanceInvoice.

It therefore starts with 1 and is incremented continuously independently of any fiscal or academic year.

Is this approach not working for you?

Hi Brian,

Following on from what Roman said, you can always manually set the auto increment on the field gibbonFinanceInvoiceID in table gibbonFinanceInvoice in your database. Gibbon does not provide a way to do this, but SQL does, and it ought not have any knock on effects.



Thank you for getting back to me.
Its not really what we need, its just that at the start of the finance year we already printed invoices with number format. Soo what i would like is for Gibbon to follow on were our system left.
i.e. our old system ended with LLC/156/19
And with gibbon im going to start from 1. Which is not following the invoice numbering and i might get told off by the TAX people because they dont follow. You know what they are like.

Customized invoice numbers are not supported currently.

However, you should be able to change the start number from 1 to a higher figure, e.g. 2000.

Would that help you?