Invoice export does not exports detail information


When using the export functionality of the invoices I saw that it exports only the header data, and does not include the detail.
I believe it should export both parts, as for almost any use you can give to that information (i.e printing, calculations, building graphs, etc.), you’ll probably like to have the detailed information to know what is included in the invoice.

Thank you

Hi Ricardo,

It can be tricky to include multiple levels of data in one spreadsheet export without duplicating the header lines, which could be problematic for other reasons. I can see where this will be useful though, and will add it to our v25 roadmap on the chance that we have the development capacity to tackle this change. Otherwise, queries in Query Builder can be quite powerful for extracting data, so this may be a case for creating a new query for exporting more specific details across a range of invoices, such as the invoice fees or the invoice payments.

Hi Sandra,
Thank you very much!!
Your argument is solid. While I wait for the potential addition, I’ll explore the Query Builder.

Thanks Ricardo, feel free to give a shout with any technical questions as you get into creating queries, and if you’re looking for info about the database structure, be sure to use the little help icon on the Add/Edit Query page to see the table and field names.