Invoice (enrolled Students by additional groups)

Hi Mr Ross,

Thank you for making Gibbon , Finally Today I have my Ubuntu Server work perfectly with Gibbon and now I am setting up the system for Production use,
We have students who have Transport fee every month, I notice while I create invoice(s) I just can select students by roll group or by alphabet… I want to create invoices for students with bus fee every month by billing schedule, if we could create additional groups like Transport Group and then I can invoice and select all students within transport group by shifting or by one click,
or other great idea by adding Tags and this tag(s) could be added to student profile and then in the invoice module I can select student(s) by Tag.

I really appreciate your help and support, and sorry for late ( I will send my request by email for financial report as soon as the system get ready)

Happy Thanksgiving day.

Luai, glad to hear everything is up and running. Well done : )

In terms of your request here, this is something I will add to the v14 todo list as item 15. I’ll update this thread when the work is complete.


Wow, Mr Ross, you are working very hard, I hope someday my programing languages will get better and have more time to support this community with passion as you sir. :slight_smile:

Hi Luai, unfortunately we have not had the resources to implement your requested feature. Our focus for v14, released today, has been on improvements to the back-end of Gibbon to help with the modernization and future development of the codebase. We have added this to the v15 board: