Invoice display formatting

How do I make the look of my invoice cleaner. Formatting, alignment, put in a tabular display, etc.

Where do you get this? Email?

Yes. This is a portion of the email a parent receives when an invoice is issued.

This looks tabular to me, right?

However, it does look rather raw. You should be able to improve it with a little knowledge on css styling tho. :wink:

Sandra has been working hard to implement Twig templating into the various emails used across Gibbon. I suspect that we’ll get to this one in due course.

In the meantime, the finance emails I receive from Gibbon are definitely more styled that this. Please can you forward the whole email to so that we can take a look?


Ross it’s sent. Thanks

I am following up on the whole email I forwarded to Thanks

Hi Tieku, thanks for the nudge. I’ll take a look, I suspect these emails may need to be refactored to improve the formatting.

Hi Tieku,

I’ve tweaked and improved some of the invoice formatting, which you can see in the commit here: If you’re running v20 these changes can safely be applied to your codebase as well, and be sure to clear template cache using the button at the bottom of the System Check page. Ideally we’d love to fully refactor these, but don’t have the resources at the moment.

Hope this helps!