Invoice Billing per Trimester

Good day. For a school that is college-level and generates an invoice billing to students per trimester, does it make sense to mirror the entries of School Year and Terms? As an example, for school year 2019-2020 these will be the entries under both “Manage School Year” and “Manage Terms”:

School Year “19-20TRM1” is from Aug 5, 2019 to Oct 25, 2019

School Year “19-20TRM2” is from Nov 4, 2019 to Feb 14, 2020

School Year “19-20TRM3” is from Feb 24, 2020 to May 22, 2020

To issue term bills is pretty standard. Why would you add the term to the school year? I don’t understand the benefit of this.

Hi Richard,

Be sure to check out the Manage Billing Schedule section in the Finance module, this lets you set the timings for invoices. If your school is split into trimesters for other parts of enrolment or timetabling, then yes it likely would make sense for the school year terms to mirror the billing schedule. or vice versa.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @meierrom and @ross. I will look into the Manage Billing Schedule section in the Finance module.