Integration with MyConcern?

My school recently signed up to MyConcern, a web-based system where safeguarding concerns are logged. Is there a way to get Gibbon to sync with it like the commercial MIS systems can?

If not are there any suggestions to reduce the admin workload so they don’t have to enter the students onto MyConcern one by one?

Thank you…

Hi @sdbaldwin, there aren’t any APIs or automatic integrations that would make this software sync automatically with Gibbon. Does MyConcern support CSV or spreadsheet upload? The Query Builder module can be used to setup a query with the exact column names and data that you might need for an import, which can greatly speed up the process of keeping both systems in sync.

Does MyConcern have any specific educational API standards that it supports? The Gibbon team has discussed APIs in the past, but our capacity has been too limited to implement anything flexible yet secure enough. But, looking towards the future, it’d be good to revisit this.

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Thank you Sandra, if there an easy way to download a CSV with the following information?

  • legal forename

  • legal surname

  • preferred forename

  • preferred surname

  • d.o.b.

  • registration group (class)

  • year group

  • gender

  • home phone no

  • mobile no

  • ethnicity

  • religion

  • 1st language

  • address line1

  • address line 2

  • address line 3

  • town

  • postcode

Would it be a case of building this using the query builder? Many thanks…

Hi @sdbaldwin,

Here is an example SQL query that can be used to extract the information you need to populate MyConcern :

select gibbonPerson.firstName as ‘legalforename’,
gibbonPerson.surname as ‘legalsurname’,
gibbonPerson.firstName as ‘preferedforename’,
gibbonPerson.surname as ‘preferedsurname’,
‘’ as ‘dob’, as ‘group’, as ‘yeargroup’,
gibbonPerson.gender as ‘gender’,
gibbonPerson.phone1 as ‘homephone’,
gibbonPerson.phone2 as ‘mobilephone’,
gibbonPerson.ethnicity as ‘ethnicity’,
gibbonPerson.religion as ‘religion’,
gibbonPerson.languageFirst as ‘1stlanguage’,
gibbonPerson.address1 as ‘addressline1’,
‘’ as ‘addressline2’,
‘’ as ‘addressline3’,
gibbonPerson.address1District as ‘town’,
‘’ as ‘postcode’

from gibbonStudentEnrolment
left outer join gibbonSchoolYear on gibbonSchoolYear.gibbonSchoolYearID = gibbonStudentEnrolment.gibbonSchoolYearID
left outer join gibbonFormGroup on gibbonFormGroup.gibbonFormGroupID = gibbonStudentEnrolment.gibbonFormGroupID
left outer join gibbonPerson on gibbonPerson.gibbonPersonID = gibbonStudentEnrolment.gibbonPersonID

where = ‘2023-2024’
order by gibbonPerson.surname, gibbonPerson.firstName

You can run this query in the Query Builder module.

Once the query is executed, you can extract the results with the Export button.

Gibbon : v26.0.00, PHP v8.2.10, MySQL v8.0.36, Ubuntu 23.10.1

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Thank you so much for this Sylvain. When I pasted in the code and tried to run it I got a syntax error. It obviously worked for you so the pasting must have ca used the problem but I just can’t see the error. I am supposed to be an A level CS teacher…

Can anyone see it?

OK, I spotted it, it was the wrong quotation marks! The paste helpfully changed them to the up-down type quotes. The query runs now. Thank you again!