Integrating emails and messages with whatsapp bots

Hello, I have a question regarding bots and other ways of sending messages.
Right now, gibbon allows to send mails periodically. However, I would like to be able to send messages through whatsapp. Maybe I can make a dedicated module for this, I guess. What would be the approach to do it?

Hi @pedrohba18 thanks for your question and welcome to the Gibbon forums :smiley:

Making a dedicated module sounds like the best approach here. This type of feature, which would need to connect to specific APIs, isn’t ideally suited to the core. Making a module is faster and also gives you more control of the code, as you wouldn’t need to submit pull requests and go through code review.

I’d be happy to offer some suggestions for how to make a module. There is a Starter Module template on GitHub, which can be forked to create the basis of a new module: GitHub - GibbonEdu/module-gibbonStarterModule: A starter module for gibbon. Then, check out the Module Development docs page, and I also recommend downloading some of the existing custom modules from the Extend page to see how they work.