Installer Not Proceeding

Hello there. I need help in installing the software. I followed the installation instruction given on the website of gibbon. After I pointed my browser to the folder on my server where Gibbon has been located, I saw a blank page; I saw the screen as captured in the file that I attached. Of course, I could not proceed with the installation any longer.

Please, help me out on this so that I will be able to have a fully functional software installed on my server. Thanks.

There is the attached file.


I cannot see an attached file, so I guess their might be an issue with the forum. I will check on this later.

It sounds like you are encountering some kind of PHP error that is preventing the install from working. Have you followed the Post-Install Guide (at the bottom of There are somethings you need to set up on your server, that should be default, but may not be.

Also, if you check your PHP error log, or turn on display_errors in php.ini, you can see more information about the exact error that is causing the problem.



There is the screenshot of the blank page:


Definitely looks like a PHP error. Please follow the advice above to work out what the error is, and then share the error message here.


I’ve reposted it. Hope you saw it above

Daniel, OK, the missing function _() is from a library called gettext. You need to install or activate this in PHP to get it to work properly.


Admin, how do I install or activate the gettext library in PHP? And after I install it, how do I get it to work? Mind you, I access PHP on my computer via the WAMP server. Thanks in advance.


I am not very familiar with WAMP, but I guess if you search Google you will find some useful information:

Good luck, and let me know if this still does not help.



Dear admin,

Thanks for the support you have been granting users on this forum. I have finally got gibbon fully installed on my localhost. It’s working fine and I am even looking forward to extending its features.

First, I want to know how to stop Gibbon from performing automatic update.

Second, I didn’t install the demo data because I thought it would be too much data, but now that I need some exemplary data, I want to know how to install it. Also, after I see the demo data in operation, I will want to uninstall it. How do I do that as well?

And then, when I finally want to perform a mass upload of a school data containing, for example, details of 1000 staff and students, how do I get that done? I need something that will allow .csv or .txt uploads.

There are some other matters I want to discuss with you, but since they pertain to Administration and Development, I will discuss them under those two sections.

I wait earnestly for your reply.

Thank you very much for all you have been doing.

Warm regards,


No problem at all, happy to help.

  1. Gibbon will not perform automatic updates. You will get a notification in System Admin if there is an update to install (although this was broken by v10), but the install process is manual. What makes you think it is automatic update?

  2. In the Gibbon root folder is a file called gibbon_demo.sql: you can run this in a MySQL client, and the data will go into the system. Or, do a fresh install.

  3. For importing users, please look at Admin > User Admin in the main menu and then Sync Users in the module menu. For some guidance on preparing files, please check out Please keep in mind this is a sync, rather than an import, so users not included in the imported file, but already in the system, will be marked as Left. In v11, there will be an option to do it either way.

Thanks for your interest in Gibbon.