Greetings , how can l install gibbon , also can l install it on windows

Hi Teverai,

I think you’ll find the following guides from our documentation useful:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


PS, I notice you asked a similar question elsewhere on the forums. It really speeds us up if you can ask questions just once. Thanks!

l am having errors on the php extension gd

Hi Teverai, I’m not as familiar with XAMPP setup, but you may have some luck here:

what have you used to install gibbon

Hi Teverai,
Gibbon was built on the PHP programming language, and a MySQL database. The typical operating system used to run such software (such as Apache) is Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. This is what most Gibbon users run their platform on. However, if such operating system is unaccessible, you can use Windows OS via XAMPP, with instructions found here: As far as the PHP Extension GD not being found, you can refer to this documentation for enabling it:

Hope this helps,