Installation trouble - I'm confused


I need to install Gibbon on my PC urgently, but I don’t know how to install the program. May someone please tell me all the software requirements such as PHP and how to install and set them up for Gibbon. When I use MAMP and go to install it says something like ‘Error: Could not connect to database’ What does this mean? I have no experience in setting up servers, scripting , making databases etc. It would be easier for me if Gibbon was a click .exe file.

Please show and explain to me in video form.




Gibbon cannot be meaningfully shared as an .exe file, as it is a web app, not a desktop app. It was designed this way as it is not so much for individual users, but rather groups of users, and the web provides a great way to build and deploy such apps.

To connect to MySQL using MAMP, you need to know the default MAMP username and password, which are root and root. Use localhost for the server address field. MAMP is only designed for testing and development, which explains the weak default password choice.

Hopefully this helps,