Installation help with intl extension

Yes I urgently need help please. I have installed Ammps through spectaculous. Downloaded gibbon zip file and extracted all to www folder. checked that intl, gd, and zip dlls were present, and edited php.ini accordingly. Installation starts but stops, saying intl extension not installed. very frustrated. Tried installing on Linux mint and windows with Xammp, and windows again now. but stalled.

PHP Extension intl

Not Installed

Hi @NKO Sorry to hear you’ve encountered issues with installation, I haven’t seen this issue happen on servers that we manage and test with, so its interesting to hear that it is affecting Xammp systems. It sounds like the extension is installed but PHP is somehow not detecting this at runtime. Since you’ve asked for urgent help, the quickest way to solve this would be to edit the version.php file in your Gibbon installation and remove intl from the list of required extensions. Then, when you install, it should omit this requirement and you can proceed. Hope this helps.