Install Extended Modules - Reporting module

Dear Sirs,

I am trying to install the extend module - Reporting2.23 on my V19 gibbon. I downloaded the zip file, unziped, and uploaded the folder Reporting to the gibbon server Module folder

However, when I get into Gibbon WebUI, i can’t see that module for completing the installation process. Do you have any suggestions? Did I missed any steps?

Best regards,

Hi Chris,

You should see the module at the very bottom of the list, as an available option to install. Be sure that your unzipped folder is not also nested in another folder. For example, if you open modules/Reporting, you should see a list of files, rather than another folder.

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for the advice. I managed to install Reporting module.

By the way, for the “Upload Report” function in the core Report module,is it possible to deploy in V19? or only v20 and upper?


Hi Chris,

It’s not easily done, as having the action in your system will potentially break later versions where the updater attempts to add an action with the same name. For now, the best bet would be to use the student note workflow, or to update to v20 (or v21, releasing January 20th, 2021).