Info Grid Layout

Good day to you all,

May I ask, is there a particular reason for the default size of the logos for the info grid links? I think they would look okay on a laptop screen, but on a 22+" monitor they are quite large.

Is there a way of adding a feature where we can set the number of columns for the grid, e.g., 3 col, 4 col, or set a default size for the logo? The Learning Area web page uses smaller logos in a three column layout.

Best regards,
Andy Richards, BWI Collegiate.

Hi Andy, it looks like the majority of users are using laptops or mobile devices so this hasn’t come up so-far, at least with the schools I work with. I think the module could certainly be updated, however our development time is quite limited at the moment and is focused on core changes and refactoring. We’d absolutely welcome community contributions though, the repository for the Info Grid module can be found here: GitHub - GibbonEdu/module-infoGrid: Offers school-defined image-grids of links to useful resources, with access based on role category (staff, student, parent).