Individual needs - template

We are trying to move our IN plans over to gibbon. I have coded up an HTML template to match our paper based work, so that the tables can then just be filled in by our SENCo. I can’t find a away to set this as a default for new plans. At the moment we are just copy and pasting the HTML into the box and then filling in the tables.

Could someone please point me in the right direction for setting a tamplate, if it is even possible.


Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community. At the current moment, the way you are doing this is the only way to do it. However, we recognise that this would be a great feature, and so we have added it as item 38 in Gibbon’s v13 todo list.

We will notify you via this thread once it is coded up in development. We can’t guarantee it will get built, due to time constraints, but we will do our best.



Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it. :slight_smile:

pedley, the requested feature has now been coded into the v13 dev branch, and can be seen in the following commit:

It is not backwards compatible with v12, so you will need to wait for v13 to come out on January 20th in order to use this feature.



Fantastic thanks

cant await. this will make things much faster for me. Thank you