Increment year levels

With the end of the year approaching, is there a way we can increment all students who are currently assigned a year group to be incremented to the following year? Is there also an option to revert the year level in the event an error had occurred during the increment?

Hello :smiley:

Yes, there’s a rollover process you can run to help move all students over to their next year. You can find instructions on the Support page here:

Its always best to backup your database first, and in the event of an error you can restore the backup. There are steps and instructions in the rollover to help with the process so the likelihood of an error is pretty low.

A couple notes to help:

  • The year added during the rollover is the one after the year you're rolling into, so if your new year is 2017-2018, the next year you'd add in the rollover is 2018-2019.
  • Each Form group (Roll Group in US English) can be setup to rollover into a form group for the following year. This is setup in School Admin > Manage Form Groups. First "Copy All To Next Year", then edit the current form groups to select the one it should rollover into.

Hope this helps! give a shout with any questions.