Include Asset Path and Archive Path during backups?

Good day. If the “Custom Asset Path” and “Archive Path” lie outside the Gibbon folder, do we need to include these folders when we backup Gibbon? (And also, restore these when we restore Gibbon).

Hi Richard, yes, this would sound like a sensible way to proceed. What kind of procedure are you using for backing up? We tend to use an rsync command to copy the files into an external drive, and mysqldump to export the database, which are both executed via a cron’d bash script. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Ross thank you for the reply. We cron a script to rsync the Gibbon folder, and tar it to a single file. And then we manually sftp the tar file. I will include the “Custom Asset Path” and “Archive Path” in the backup procedure. Thanks again :slight_smile: