important question

i need to install gibbonedu application on my laptop … i try to do this on windows but it s failed … i am obliged to install ubuntu or there is an issue to install this application on windows … please help me it s very important for me


Please can you let me know what version of Windows you are using? Have you tried installing a server stack onto your laptop, such as XAMPP or WAMP? These app stacks have been used to run Gibbon successfully in the past.


My windows is “Windows 7” and i use for installation Gibbon app XAMPP server, Gibbon is installed on my laptop on Ubuntu 15.10 but i have to install application on college servers and there they don’t have an ubuntu server for now … please help me to install …

What errors do you get when you trying installing Gibbon?

ammouaddeb, have you looked at this guide for getting XAMPP up and running on Windows? If you follow the instructions, at the end are instructions for install Gibbon. If you get stuck, or something does not work, let us know (in detail) what is going on, and we will try and help.

ok thank you … i will try and i will let you know

i have install gibbonedu succefuly on windows 7 and Xampp server … the problem was with the root account … it doesn’t have password so i create for that a new DB user and installation was done succefully … now i ask how can i install themes that i have doanload it from gibbonedu website


To install a theme, go to Admin > System Admin in the main menu, and then Manage Themes in the module menu. There are instructions there on how to install themes.

Let me know how you get on.