Import timetable from ASC


I try to import my school’s timetable from asc to gibbon. but i can’t see any way. Is there any method to import my 120 teachers into gibbon timetable simultaneously? thanks

Hi @syazwan as of Gibbon v18.0.00, we moved the import functionality from @ross’s excellent Data Admin module to Gibbon’s core. If you go to Admin > System Admin > Import From File, you’ll see a wide range of imports, including staff and timetable. Let us know if this helps. Cheers, Ross.

Hi @admin . Thanks for fast responding even you still in holiday break, sir.

In this case, I still can’t see which file should export in asc timetable. I already export to excel in asc but i cant find which sheet, or column should i put into the gibbon excel and upload it. And yeah, it’s very tricky to handle timetable

Thank you again for responding, sir.

Or i should import 1 by 1 per person? Because I don’t see how to transfer the information in excel form from asc to excel in gibbon system. As i don’t see how to assign each teacher to each classes, as we have about 18 subjects to assign to each class on each period.

Sorry for my bad description on this problem. Totally lost how to figure this problem, as i have sit in front of computer since morning. ?


Hi syazwan,

If you go into the Import from File page and find the Timetable Complete import, you can click to view the types of data that this import requires, and you can export a blank copy of the spreadsheet used for uploading. The importer can also assign columns from your Excel spreadsheet when importing, so as long as you have the types of data you need, the exact column name doesn’t have to match. Hope this helps!