Import Question

When I import DataStructure-formGroups and DataStructure-yearGroups with blank Tutor 1
and Head of Year respectively, the Form Tutors and Head of Year columns were (auto-)populated with one of the parent’s info. I was wondering why.

Hi Tieku,

I’ve tried to replicate this and wasn’t able to, are you able to double check that the columns were indeed blank, and not accidentally assigned a value? If you’re leaving an entire column blank intentionally, it can often be best to select Skip this Column rather than importing blank values.

It is an entire blank column with no values. It has happened more than once when this step comes after the import of user accounts. It means I should remember to selected Skip the Column for this not to happen.


Hi ,I’m new to Gibbon and my question is: Does the term Head Of Year can also be used as the class Mentor?
or is it specifically for students only?
Sorry for my ignorance. I’m an IT working for a high school that wants to go with a new and great SIS and I think Gibbon is that SIS.

The Head of Year is a member of staff who is chosen as the person in charge of a year group (of students). For example, when creating reports, The Year Group scope is available to users who have been set as the Head of Year (in School Admin > Manage Year Groups).

The equivalent person in charge of a class (or Form Group) would be the Form Tutor. I guess you could call that person the Class Mentor if you prefer. I have found class can mean Subject or Classroom of students.