import library records from a CSV file

Thank you for this great program
I want to import library records from a CSV file but i cant find sample for this and also i want import the student and users all in CSV file but i want sample CSV file for the library, student and user please
thank you in advance.

Hello and welcome to Gibbon. Thanks for your positive feedback on our project. Please find attached here sample imports containing a single record each for library, user and student enrolment. I suggest you open and edit with either LibreOffice or a plain text editor…not Excel! The formatting needs to be just so. The guide below might help.

I’d also recommend you check out @ross’s excellent Data Admin module on our Extend page.

sorry but i did all of this and get this error

The database was successfully locked.

All students could be read and used, so the import will proceed.

There was an error enroling student: AdamMostafa Galal.

Karim, please can you share your import file with us at and I will take a look to see what the problem is.

kindly be informed that i send to you the files but unfortunately i got no replay till now

Karim, things have been extremely busy. I will try and take a look in the coming day or two. Sorry for the delay!

Dear Admin
Kindly i find the way to import the student and to inrol them :slight_smile:
i have other problem i want to disable the user and student by first name not surname please:)
i am sorry to be annoying

Karim, well done for solving this first issue : ) For the second issue, please can you post this in a new thread, preferably including a screenshot so that we can see what you mean. Thanks! Ross.