ID For New Titles

I am currently volunteering at the  Green Shoots library  and I am having difficulty finding the last used ID.What is stated as the last ID used does not match up with what is in the system.I consequently can not enter new titles until I have an accurate last ID used, otherwise it is just a guessing game. Hope this can be resolved asap.

Many thanks 
Marianne Lee (Teacher Librarian)


Thanks for flagging this. Not sure what changed in v11, but something in the background stopped this from working. It has been fixed for v12, but the fix is not backwards compatible with v11, due to some other changes.

However, I know this is a real annoyance, so I have patched the v11 files needed to fix it, and these are available below:

Have your IT guys upload these to /modules/Library on your server, and you should see it starts working again.

Thanks for flagging this bug!


hi ross,

IT guys have alerted me to the fact that the download links you’ve provided aren’t working.


Well, that is annoying! Not as useful a site as I thought.

I have recreated the changes…let me see if I can enable file sharing here…give me a minute!



Looks like Vanilla Forums 2.2 (which powers this site) has a new Advanced Editor that supports file uploads, so we can upload files directly here. Please find the files in the ZIP file attached to this post.