Icon and logo missing when access from network

I installed gibbon success on ubuntu and apache. When access from network Icon and logo missing.
What should I do?

Hi aimar, this generally means that the value for absoluteURL in table gibbonSetting is incorrect. Can you use Inspect Element in Firefox or Chrome to see the path to /themes/Default/css/main.css? That should indicate what is wrong. With the wrong path, none of the images, JS or CSS will work, which is why you are seeing such an unattractive page. Ross.

PS, does this mean you’ve given up on the Windows install? I’m all out of ideas on that front I’m afraid!

Thanks, Ross. I set absoluteURL in table gibbonSetting to server IP It worked.
I gave up installing on Windows. I agree to learn to install on Ubuntu.

One question, Can I truncate all demo data?

To remove all demo data is rather tricky but possible with good knowledge on how Gibbon stores data.

You will likely be better off and safe time with a fresh install. :slight_smile: