IB Diploma

Hello is there a way to allow the permissions for Coordinator / Advisor to input data into interview tab 1,2,3 / Reflection tab and Overview tab.
only students at the moment can input data into these sections ? I try to change the permissions in User Admin / Manage Permissions but the boxes are greyed out under teachers and admin I can’t input the tick needed to unlock permissions for teachers and admin.

Hi Orlando,
CAS staff (Advisors for their assigned students, and Coordinators for all students) should be able to input data into the interview tabs when viewing the individual students’ details (CAS > Advise CAS Students > Details). Do make sure that the staff member is assigned either the Coordinator or Advisor Role (Admin > Manage Staff CAS), and that the student is properly enrolled in the Diploma Programme (Admin > Manage Student Enrollment) and assigned the correct Advisor. If this doesn’t solve your issue adequately, could you provide more details as to what’s wrong?

As per the other tabs, it has been intentionally designed such that staff can’t input data for student Reflections or Commitments (Overview), as this is work that the IB dictates should be done by the students themselves, is there a specific reason why you would want this option enabled?

Hi yes the reason that i need staff to have the permissions to input data into student Reflections or Commitments is because some of our students have SEN needs and they find it very difficult to do by them self other students are ESOL students and teachers have to translate into English for them and it takes a lot longer for the teachers to have students login and type the information via there login would be easier if the teacher had access to this via his or her login.

Hi Orlando,
I can now see your reasoning behind this, but whilst I understand that it may take additional time in order for the teacher to have the student log in and do it from their account, the IB dictates that, even when access arrangements for those with SEN or ESL are provided, all work must originate from the student, and enabling a built in function where a staff member could, theoretically, insert information without the student’s presence goes against that, whilst the current system could be bypassed/abused, by means of sharing log in details, and implementation of a built in function that would easily allow this may only increase the ease of bypassing/abusing the system.

My main suggestion, from a teaching staff or educational assistant perspective, would be to set up additional meetings with the students with SEN in order to work together to input the necessary information, following the same, or similar, procedure to that which would be used during the final examinations, as per the IBO’s policies in the document; “Candidates with Assessment Access Requirements” (The school SENCO and IB Diploma Coordinator(s) should be in possession of this document, it should also be accessible via IBIS). Similar may work with those with ESL, but another suggestion I can offer that may be less time consuming, would be to follow a procedure where the student submits their work on the system in their first language, and is then provided the translation for themselves to look over, make edits, where something may have been lost in translation, if they feel necessary, and input it alongside their original work themselves.

As I am still am committed to maintaining the Diploma module myself, it is possible myself, or someone else, may extend the system to incorporate a function that allows teachers to input student work from their own accounts. However, it would not be as simple as you’d initially expect, as I feel there would need to be a way to automatically differentiate between a teacher inputting the data themselves, transcriptions or translations of student work, staff’s editing of student’s work, and the student’s original work and it would take a fair amount of time to implement properly.

Hopefully this has cleared up the situation from my perspective adequately for you. I am, however, open to further discussion, whether pertaining to alternative methods, suggestions, or anything else, on this matter with you, as I myself have learning difficulties and have received access arrangements within the IB diploma myself, and understand the importance of facilitating learning diversity to it’s fullest.

Hi Ash, this is a great response, and clearly well thought out in relation to the requirements of the IBO! I can see scope, as described by Orlando, for having an interface for teachers to enter on students behalf, with, as you say, a flag to show that this is the case. I understand your position too, as a volunteer maintainer for this module, with limited time, which means you might not have the ability to implement such a feature.

Hi Orlando, do you have the resources to have someone make these changes for your school, and then commit them back to Ash to incorporate into the module?


Hi Both of you and yes I do coding as well so i can look into this not a problem I have already started but not had a lot of time on it.
We have a two week half term coming up starting from next week here in the UK so I will have more time to work on IB module, thank you Ashton for explaining the reasons why IB is programmed in this way, it makes a lot of sense if I have any problems will get back you all.
Thanks once more for your support.