I can't find Ivory Coast phone country code


For some reason the country code for Ivory Coast is missing from the database, and the name is spelt in an unusual fashion.

Thank you,

Hi @odihamdalaye I’d be happy to update this, feel free to let us know the country code to use and a more common spelling. Thanks!

Hi @sandra ,

Thank you for your reply.

The country code would be 225 and the name would be “Ivory Coast”.

Thanks, I’ve updated this in the development version, v27.0.00, and you can apply the same change to your system with the following SQL:

UPDATE `gibbonCountry` SET `printable_name` = 'Ivory Coast (Côte d\'Ivoire)', `iddCountryCode` = '225' WHERE `gibbonCountry`.`printable_name` = 'Cote D\'Ivoire';