I can't display Gibbons in Italian Language

I installed Gibbon to evaluate it. I select to install the Italian language, so it is the default language. But all the texts are in English.
I checked all the pages where I can select the language and all is on Italian.
In System Check page I have only the db collaction with red cross (utf8mb3_general_ci instead utf8_general_ci) maybee because is installed MariaDB. I opened the it_IT/LC_MESSAGGES/gibbon.mo where I can only read English words. The Italian locale is generated.
What is to do to have Gibbon in Italian?
Thank you for assistance

Hi @alberto, welcome to the Gibbon forums :smiley:

If languages are not working, often it means they need to be setup on the server for them to be available as locales in Gibbon. Check the instructions in the documentation here, which gives you some commands to try, depending on your server setup: Multilingual, Internationalisation & Localisation :: Gibbon Docs

Hope this helps!

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I believe they was some cache data. I have reset the cache ad now the Italian is ok.

Thank you for assistance