I am having a problem with missing things. Can someone show me how to install

My name is Sky, I am a homelaber who just likes hosting completely random things in a network just to play around with and got interested into SIS (Student Infomation System) Software. I was installing Gibbon and I keep getting these boxes with (x)es and they wont clear until obvousily i install it but i am not sure how to.

Here is a screenshot.

BTW Note that i am on a Windows Server Client. and only use Windows.

Hi @smyers My sincere apologies for the delay in a response, I try to keep on top of the forums at least once a week, but I’m also a full-time teacher and it’s been an incredibly busy term at school.

I hope you were able to find a solution to your issue. I’m not familiar with Windows Server Client, as I tend to use Linux or Mac personally. These are both PHP extensions which may not prevent aspects of Gibbon from working, but the missing GD library could cause some image-related functionality to not work. Here is what I’ve found in terms of enabling these: PHP: Installing a PHP extension on Windows - Manual