How to Upload Gibbon Modules to 'modules' Folder?


I’m using CPanel and I’ve downloaded several modules that I’d like to add to Gibbon, but I don’t know how to upload the entire folder to the ‘modules’ folder. For example, I want to install the Help Desk module. I downloaded the .zip file and extracted the ‘helpdesk-1.1.00’ folder locally. Then, in CPanel File Manager I created a new folder titled ‘Help Desk’ in the ‘modules’ folder (under the ‘Gibbon’ folder). However, CPanel File Manager only allows me to upload single files. How do I upload the entire ‘helpdesk-1.1.00’ module folder? Or, is there a better way to install modules for Gibbon?


Hi, @anatomi Login with an FTP Client such as putty Make sure you place the module folder inside the /modules/ folder. Rename the folder: helpdesk-1.1.00 to Help Desk Let me know if you get stuck

Hi, @jmsperu
I have Mozilla FileZilla. I followed the instructions from CPanel and got logged into my server, but I don’t know how to navigate my server’s directory to find the ‘Gibbon’ folder. I don’t remember how to setup Putty. I just know that CPanel has instructions for FileZilla. I managed to log in but I don’t see my server’s directory… Please help!

@anatomi Do you have team viwer on your PC or skype you can me from there I instruct you?

Yes, how do I reach you?

@jmsperu Yes, How do I reach you?


@anatomi search

Hello anatomi, the question of where your Gibbon directory is depends on the host and how they have set up your account within their servers. Best bet is to ask your hosting company how to find your web root folder, once you log in with FTP.

Remember, FTP is not secure unless you run it over SSH using SFTP, which is what I would recommend.

Finally…did you install manually, or using Softaculous?

I installed it with Softaculous.
I was able to install with File Manager and then my friend was able to help me setup FileZilla.

However, I installed all the custom themes but it’s now stuck on Dark Theme. How do I fix this?

Nevermind. I forgot to under Preferences to change the theme. I will start another thread to ask a different question about coding new themes for Gibbon… Thank you!