how to update data after rollover

How do you suggest we ask parents or students to update their data after the rollover. Essentially we know that from year to year peoples address, phone number, email, emergency contacts may change. After we do the rollover it would be nice to be able to send out an email asking everyone to update their data. The ideal solution would be to email all the rollover students or parents a form which is already filled out with their previous years data that they can update. If that is not in place is there at least a way for them to submit new information?


jemmyn, Gibbon has you covered heard! Check out the Data Updater module under People in the main menu, which allows people to view current information for Personal, Medical, Family & Finance, and request updates.

These requests notify an admin, who then vets and accepts the changes, also within the Data Updater module. There is then a report for seeing who’s data is out of date.

Hope this helps. Ross.