How to undo a student withdrawal?

As the title states, how do I undo a student withdrawal?

Hi Kevin, to un-withdraw a student you can re-enrol them in the current school year. You may first need to find and set the user back to Full and remove the end date, through User Admin > Manage Users. Then you can re-enrol them through the Students > Student Enrolment page, click the Add button to add a new enrolment.

Hi @ross

           One question related to this thread is that : is there any way of Re-Admission if a student is withdrawn and then joins after a month a two, can we re enroll it and also it should keep record of withdrawal?

Hi Ghulam,

You can do this through the interface: if you locate the withdrawn application in People > Students > Manage Applications, you can edit the application and reset the status to Pending.