how to tied courses to Faculty and assign that Faculty to student

i have a situation like this
let’s say we have Grade 12. in Grade 12 there is multiple faculty, for example

Grade 12 science faculty consist of 6 subject e.g physics, mathematics, biology etc

Grade 12 Humanity Faculty consist of 6 subject e.g A,B,C etc

Grade 12 Business studies consist of 6 subject e.g X,Y,Z etc

so now how can i Group those Subject to specific Faculty (e.g science ) and assign that Faculty to student when student comes to admission .
it should be parent child relationship fashion, for example Science is parent, physics , mathematics, biology is child, that means Science Faculty offers those courses.

probably it is easy to do this however i lost my way.


Hi Have a look at departments these can act as your faculties. You can then create courses that are subjects and within these courses create classes to put the students in.

Thanks, George

now i’m getting little idea about Faculty , before i was kind of lost my way. now i feel i can do something.
by the way the roll Groups means for example Grade 12 has 200 student and Grade 12 Has 4 Section (classroom) because of high volume of student. each section contain 50 student, which would name as Grade 12 Section A, Grade 12 Section B, Grade 12 Section C , Grade 12 Section D.
Roll Groups means Section of the Grade or what it really mean ?

With Best Regard

Yes that is more like it. In my school we use roll groups for morning roll call. We have 6 groups of 20 in each year level.

thanks George for quick response !

ok, then i can use Roll Groups as Section right? we have only afternoon shift No morning shift, but we have Section of each Grade because of high volume of student.
ok i’ll name that roll Groups as Grade 1 Section A, Grade 1 Section B , so on… Grade 2 Section A …


Yes that would work I think.